VCAP-DCV Deploy 2020 Series

VCAP-DCV Deploy 2020 Series / Prepare for exam

4 years ago

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In continue of my self-education in VMware path I've planned for 30th of November 3V0-21.20: Advanced Deploy VMware vSphere 6.7 exam.

Data Center Virtualization path

This is 3rd step in path of Data Center Virtualization and 1st step in path for getting VCIX (Implementation Expert) badge.

Information about exam is availiable here:

Official Preparation guide (blueprint) is availiable here:

This exam is a 17-item big lab (200 minutes or 3 hours and 20 minites) in Hands-On Lab environment (passing score of 300). This items contains some sub-tasks as

Before attending you should pass VCP-DCV 2019 or 2020 year exam. It is highly recommend to attend course VMware Advanced Skills for vSphere Professionals Workshop [V6.7] (this course unofficially called VCAP Prep class)

Exam contains 8 sections with couples of objectives:

Section 1. Create and Deploy vSphere 6.x Infrastructure Components v Sphere 6.x Infrastructure Components
Objective 1.1 – Perform automated ESXi Host deployment and configuration
Objective 1.2 – Deploy and Configure Core Management Infrastructure Components
Objective 1.3 – Deploy and Configure Update Manager Components
Objective 1.4 – Perform Virtual Machine Configuration

Section 2. Deploy and Manage a vSphere 6.x Storage Infrastructure
Objective 2.1 – Implement Complex Storage Solutions
Objective 2.2 – Manage Complex Storage Solutions
Objective 2.3 – Troubleshoot Complex Storage Solutions

Section 3. Deploy and Manage a vSphere 6.x Network Infrastructure
Objective 3.1 – Implement and Manage vSphere Standard Switch (vSS) Networks
Objective 3.2 – Implement and Manage vSphere 6.x Distributed Switch (vDS) Networks
Objective 3.3 – Scale a vSphere 6.x Network Implementation
Objective 3.4 – Troubleshoot a vSphere 6.x Network Implementation

Section 4. Configure a vSphere 6.x Deployment for Availability and Scalability
Objective 4.1 – Implement and Maintain vSphere Availability Solutions
Objective 4.2 – Implement and Manage DRS Solutions
Objective 4.3 – Troubleshoot vSphere Clusters

Section 5. Configure a vSphere 6.x Deployment for Manageability
Objective 5.1 – Manage a vSphere environment using command line tools
Objective 5.2 – Implement and Maintain Host Profiles
Objective 5.3 – Manage and Analyze vSphere log files
Objective 5.4 – Configure and Manage Content Library

Section 6. Configure a vSphere 6.x Deployment for Performance
Objective 6.1 – Utilize vSphere Performance Monitoring Tools
Objective 6.2 – Optimize Virtual Machine Resources

Section 7. Configure a vSphere 6.x Deployment for Recoverability
Objective 7.1 – Deploy and Manage vSphere Replication
Objective 7.2 – Deploy and Manage vSphere Data Protection
Objective 7.3 – Backup and Recover vSphere Configurations
Objective 7.4 – Deploy and Manage vCenter Server Appliance High Availability

Section 8. Configure a vSphere 6.x Environment for Security
Objective 8.1 – Manage Authentication and End-User Security
Objective 8.2 – Manage SSL Certificates and Encryption Keys
Objective 8.3 – Harden a vSphere Deployment
Objective 8.4 – Securing and Encrypting a Virtual Machine

With most of this topics you will be familiar if you're working with VMware environment from day to day.

I will try to post couple of posts for every section with information of Lab envinroment that i will use for preparation for exam.

P.S. Wish me good luck =)

Alexey Koznov

Published 4 years ago


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