VMworld 2021 - 10 sessions from my watchlist

In search of interesting topics to watch at VMworld 2021? Here are my top 10 sessions from the watchlist.

3 years ago

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Hello everyone!

The VMworld 2021 is coming and here is my top 10 session that will be interesting to watch.

VMworld 2021

Cloud Workload Security and Protection on VMware Cloud [SEC1296]

Content catalog link: SEC1296
VMware Cloud using VMware Carbon Black Workload protection and endpoint security provides end-to end security for all the infrastructure control points. In this session we will discuss the design and architecture of the security solution on VMC. See a demo of the solution and key considerations for building deploying the solution on VMware Cloud.
Vish Kalsi / Senior Product Line Manager, VMware
Thomas Sauerer / Senior Solution Architect - VMware Cloud, VMware
Rob McGovern / Director, VMware
Jeff Pollard / VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester

A Technical Review of PSC, VMDIR, Replications and Snapshots [VI2447]

Content catalog link: VI2447
Demystify the underlying Platform Services Controller (PSC) architecture in 7.x, embedded compared against external. This session explores how PSC replication works and shares best practices everyone should know. Learn how snapshots affect the PSC and break replication.
Laraib Kazi / Senior Technical Support Engineer for the Premier Services team

Bake ESXi Into Your Raspberry Pi [VI1862]

Content catalog link: VI1862
In this session, we will cover the things you need to get started to run VMware ESXi on a Raspberry Pi. We will show some of the setup, then the features working, and what people have done in the community.
Gareth Edwards / Systems Engineer, Runecast

Deep Dive: VM Performance and Best Practices [VI2158]

Content catalog link: VI2158
This session will provide a very detailed and technical explanation of the utilization of resources by VM, how to evaluate the performance indicators using ESXtop, and how to better architect and create solutions for performance issues.
Jimmy Arias / Staff Technical Support Engineer, VMware

Advanced Troubleshooting with vRealize: Your "Go-To" Guide [MCL1271]

Content catalog link: MCL1271
Is finding the root cause of your challenges taking longer than it should? War Room scenarios got you down? Demands of today's modern infrastructure and applications require quick resolution and getting your mean time to innocence as low as possible to maintain SLA's. This session will teach you all the tools to shorten your troubleshooting sessions to minutes, not days using features of vRealize.
Tim George / Technical Marketing Manager, VMware
Jay Dias / System Administrator, Louisiana State University
Matt Just / Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, VMware
Kruthi Soma / Product Manager, VMware

Core Storage Best Practices Deep Dive [MCL2071]

Content catalog link: MCL2071
There have been new core storage features released with VMware vSphere 7, and setting them up correctly is critical to optimum performance and resilience. We will review the new and some common features, as well as the best configuration practices. We will have a major focus on new NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF) protocols and best practices for configuration.
Cody Hosterman / Director, Pure Storage
Jason Massae / Staff Technical Marketing Architect, VMware

Introduction to vSphere Performance [ISM-HOL-2204-95-ISM]

Content catalog link: ISM-HOL-2204-95-ISM
VMware vSphere ensures workloads run with maximum performance on your ESXi hosts and clusters. This lab showcases what is new in vSphere 7.0 with regards to performance. Learn how to right-size VMs for your particular environment, so resources are not under or overprovisioned. Learn how to benchmark various application workloads (i.e. web servers and databases), and how to measure and monitor system resources (CPU, memory, networking, and storage) using a variety of common utilization measurement tools.
David Morse / Staff Engineer 2, VMware
Randy Jones / Solution Architect, VMware

Cloud Native Fundamentals: Containers and Kubernetes 101 for the VI Admin [MCL1257]

Content catalog link: MCL1257
Containers, Docker and Kubernetes. We hear so much about them these days, but the tech is moving so fast that it can be challenging to understand what they are and the impact they will have. Come to this session to get a foundational container technical education. Find out what they are, and why they are gaining so much traction in the development community. You will get a technical overview of containers and Kubernetes. The speaker will employ terms and use cases relatable to infrastructure engineers. You will also see some demos of this technology in action to bring the concepts home. This session will close with a short discussion of the latest VMware technology relevant in the container space.
Ulrich Hoelscher / Senior Platform Architect, VMware
Alexander Ullah / Kubernetes Staff System Engineer, VMware

Executing on the NSX-V to NSX-T Transition for VMware Cloud Providers [NET2271]

Content catalog link: NET2271
Learn about the use cases for NSX-T as a VMware cloud provider. We will discuss how to architect for NSX-T in your VMware cloud and best practices for your transition plan as you migrate from NSX-V to NSX-T.
Romain Decker / Staff II Technical Product Manager, VMware
Satish Katpally / Director, Product Marketing, VMware

Exam Guide Review: Becoming a VCP-NV on Your Way to VCAP-NV and Beyond [IC2727]

Content catalog link: IC2727
We will discuss the concept of testing for the VMware Certified Professional in Network Virtualization (VCP-NV) and Advanced Professional (VCAP-NV) Design exams, which are multiple choice, and the VCAP-NV Deploy exam, which is based on a hands-on lab. We will provide examples to take the concept and put it into practice in the exam environment. The format of the discussion will begin with the conceptual design of the exam questions. Then, we will proceed with some examples for participation. Finally, we will open the virtual floor for discussion and Q&A. Let us get you ready to take and pass the Network Virtualization exams.
Hitesh Kumar / Technical Trainer, VMware

See you at VMworld 2021 =)

Alexey Koznov

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