Insufficient disk space during NSX-V upgrade

How to fix Insufficient disk space error in case of Upgrade NSX-V Manager

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During planned upgrade from NSX-V version 6.4.4 to 6.4.6 we stucked with error in NSX Manager:

Insufficient disk space. Database disk usage is at 72%, but it should be less than 70%.
NSX Manager error - Insufficient disk space with info from NSX Manager

Cause of issue

Steps to resolve issue

WARNING: Before you start create a DB backup. For making any changes in the DB of products you should contact support and create SR to get proper assistance! Use this post at your own risk. We don’t take responsibility and/or give any warranty if you reuse this content.

/etc/rc.d/init.d/bluelane-manager stop
psql -U secureall
VACUUM (FULL) job_instance_task_instances;
VACUUM (FULL) task_instance_task_data;
VACUUM (FULL) task_instance_task_output;
VACUUM (FULL) task_instance;
VACUUM (FULL) task_task_init_data;
VACUUM (FULL) task_policy;
VACUUM (FULL) task_target;
VACUUM (FULL) job_instance_job_output;
VACUUM (FULL) job_instance;
VACUUM (FULL) job_data_task_dependency_map;
VACUUM (FULL) task_dependency_tasks;
VACUUM (FULL) dependent_task;
VACUUM (FULL) job_data;
VACUUM (FULL) job_schedule;
VACUUM (FULL) task_dependency;

Note: For large data these commands will take time

TRUNCATE TABLE job_instance_task_instances, task_instance_task_data, task_instance_task_output, task_instance, task_task_init_data, task, task_policy, task_target, job_instance_job_output, job_instance, job_data_task_dependency_map, task_dependency_tasks, dependent_task, job_data, job_schedule, task_dependency, housekeeping_module;
/etc/rc.d/init.d/bluelane-manager start


Alexey Koznov

Published a month ago


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